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why should I attend this group?

This group's interventions and strategies are based on 16 years of research that proves our group can improve couples' sexual satisfaction - in statistically significant ways - in just
8 weeks! As long as members attend, engage, commit, and participate in home play, every couple will be given the tools to successfully achieve optimal sexual experiences. Client testimonials and raw data feedback continue to be collected by the University of Ottawa research team, with whom we are partnered. B
ased on active OSE groups in 2020 and 2021, our version of OSE and recent updates to our training as Certified OSE facilitators guarantees you will experience the most cutting edge iterations of OSE available. 

Before starting group each couple must be interviewed by Michelle or Jen to ensure group stability. If you agree to attend group, you are responsible for paying the full $1,600 to reserve your space. Once registered, you and your partner each agree to attend 2 hours of therapy weekly for 8 consecutive weeks and to participate in "assignments" between sessions. In addition, all group members must agree to maintain the confidentiality of all group members they participate with online. And we ask all members to participate in our ongoing Research feedback. 



what is required of me?

Who can participate?

The OSE Group is for any committed couple (any age, any stage, any type) interested in improving satisfaction in their relationship, pleasure, intimacy, desire and quality of sex. We are a welcoming, LBGTQ, Poly, CNM friendly group who does not discriminate. The only persons not appropriate for group participation are couples who 1) are actively seeking break up, separation or divorce or 2) have a recent or chronic history of domestic violence.

What are your fees?

The cost of the group is $1,600 per couple. Investing in your relationship is priceless. But for this one time fee you will also receive clinical expertise and personal attention from TWO therapists, 16 hours of couples' therapy, an intentionally small group (limited to 4-6 couples), wisdom from other group members, and a significantly improved sex life in merely EIGHT weeks. Please note: insurance is not billable for this group and the fee is non-refundable - regardless of your attendance.

tell me more about the research.

You will be asked to fill out survey questionnaires for the International research team several times during our time together: once before group begins, three times during group, and one time 6-months after group ends. All research data collected is anonymous. All names are replaced with unique codes administered by your leaders. And NO identifying information is EVER shared with the research team. This ensures confidentiality of our group members is protected. While not required, this data is important to effectively validate and improve future OSE group processes, so we do ask you commit to participate in giving feedback.

To find out more information about our colleagues on the original research team, visit:

how do i get started?

To see if this group would be a good fit for you and to schedule the required consultation, please contact us at least 2 weeks before start date of group**: Registration is limited! Call now.

Michelle Stillwagon

Jen McVeigh


Monday - Friday • Noon - 5:00p



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